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Short anecdotes

bullet"To win a K+B+N v K ending in 5 minute chess then drive your opponents king to the corner of the board furthest away from the clock" ...Leonard Barden
bulletWhen a few of the greatest chess players were asked how many moves they could calculate: Reti - two, but good ones. Reshevsky - one more than my opponent.
bulletSteinitz about his chances in the tournament: "All my opponents will have to play Steinitz, I won't."
bulletIn 1939, in a game between Tartakower and the Brazilian champion, Tartakower fell asleep. One of the ushers touched his shoulder to wake him up. Tartakower woke up and wanted to make a move so the usher explained it wasn't his turn. Tartakower complained: "So why did you wake me?!"
bullet84 years old Mieses won brilliantly against his 86 year old opponent. After the game he explained: "It's only natural the younger player wins".
bulletIn a tournament held in 1931, one of the best players at the time, who was also Alekhine's challenger for the championship title, Bogoljubow, announced a mate in two!!! The game ended in a draw...
bulletTarrasch: "In my time there are only two great chess players. The other one is Lasker...".


With thanks to 'Clarnibass' and others of ICC and various books

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