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2001 - 2002

bulletResult Summary
bullet Charles Marsh detailed result
bullet Vice Presidents detailed result




12/3  Ben ,Joe, Roger and Bob played for Somerset against Wiltshire on Saturday, but were not on the winning side. Ben won against a much higher graded opponent on board 2 ,Roger drew his game.


10/3  Glastonbury came to Sedgemoor with a depleted Henry Powell team and the home team scored their first HP win of the season!! Chris drew on top board and Joe, Adrian and Steve all had good wins.


5/3 Sedgemoor was well represented at the Exeter Congress as Ben ,Chris, Joe, Keith, Neville, Roger and Bob all played well in their respective sections. Neville came close to a prize but narrowly failed to win his last game. Ben did very well in the top section.


3/3SedgeLESS were beaten by Ilminster at the Shruberry Hotel on Thursday. Steve had a fine win,Keith won too but the only other positive result was Chris's draw.


23/2  The Vp team went to Wellington and returned with two points.Ben won, Adrian won and Tim drew.


10/2 The Glastonbury Vp team which came to Sedgemoor tonight included two players who had played tough matches on Monday. They both lost , one to Ben and the other to Adrian. Ian managed to swindle a draw. His opponent got his own back by hiding Ian's car keys!!!


7/2 Glastonbury was the place to be if you wanted to watch top quality chess on Monday. All four Henry Powell teams were in action. I opted to watch the superbowl on the big screen to start with but soon realised that the chess was more interesting and certainly more comprehensible !! Glastonbury beat Yeovil eventually as Roy Turner came out on top against Nigel Mills in the last game to finish.

Sedgemore and Frome drew. Ben Edgell phoned in sick but fortunately his replacement on board 1, Chris, won and Tim who stepped in on board 6 also won.Keith and Roger drew. 


3/2  Yeovil came to the Mount Street Centre to take on a SedgeLess side weakened by the loss of 2 of their top 3 boards. Despite being outgraded by an average of 25 pts per board the early signs looked good. Bob was 2 pawns up, Sam had a promising position  and Steve looked like he had his game under control. Unfortunately it was all an illusion and it was left to Joe to salvage some pride by drawing and thus preventing the whitewash.

Meanwhile SedgeMORE were at Weston and despite defaulting on board 6 they ran out winners by 3½-2½. Ben ,Neville and Ian all won and Roger's draw sealed the victory.


29/1 Several Sedgemoor players joined with the rest of Somerset to play Hants in either the 1st or 2nd team on Sat at Wincanton.Ben, Chris, Joe, Neville, Roger, William, Adrian, Tim and Bob were all there.

The 1st team won 9½-6½ , Joe had a good win and Chris drew. The 2nd team won 12½-3½ with wins for Neville and Adrian and a draw for Roger. As Hants were 4 players short Bob and Tim sought refreshment at a local hostelry, the Bear Inn, returning later to cheer on the teams.


25/1 The VP team went to Taunton and won 3 - 1. Will and Ian drew. Ben and Tim had good wins. This was the VP's third win on the trot.


20/1  Yeovil came to Sedgemore a player short but still managed to win.Neville drew on top board and Stan and Tim drew on boards 4 + 5.


18/1  SedgeLESS made the long journey to Taunton tonight with a team weakened by the loss of their usual board one and three. NevertheLESS they returned with a point for a draw. The two Steves both had solid draws and Pat won a wonderful game on board five. But it was Joe's win on board 1 against a very strong opponent which caused the biggest stir; it was his opponents first loss of the season in the league.


13/1 Chard and Ilminster entertained Sedgemoor at the Shruberry Hotel last Thursday but allowed the visitors to return home with the points. Adrian and Tim won and Stan's half point secured the win.


8/1 Sedgemoor were again well represented in the county side which played against Dorset on Saturday. Joe and Chris had excellent wins and Roger a draw. The reserves, Tim and Bob, were not needed.


5/1.   SedgeLESS started the year with a win against Wellington. Chris, Steve and Bob were victorious and Keith's draw secured the points.


3/1. Not so happy for SedgeMORE as they lost their first match of the season at Glastonbury. Ben and Neville played well on the top boards to win and Will did well to draw on board 4 but 2½ points was not enough.


1/1/2005. Happy New Year.


16/12. A full house again as they entertained two Charles Marsh teams, Taunton and Weston-Super-Mare. Some excellent play saw SedgeMORE to a 3-3 draw with Taunton ; Ben and Neville did well to draw with higher graded opponents, and Will and Tim played well to win their games.

SedgeLESS were at full strength for a change. Thanks to Chris for driving from the other side of the county to face an opponent graded 45 points above him!! He lost but all the others won to make it a 5 - 1 victory. Joe, Steve and Adrian had good wins and Keith an excellent one considering he arrived late thus giving his opponent 30mins advantage. Bob was last to finish and his see-sawing game was effectively won when he made the penultimate mistake.


9/12. Tim Taylor took the VP team to Weston tonight and returned home with both the points - the first VP win of the season. William and Adrian both won and Tim's draw secured the points.


6/12 The Henry Powell team went to Glastonbury tonight and drew 3 - 3 thus gaining their first point of the season. Ben, Neville and Bob all won well.


5/12.  The Sedgemoor club was well represented in the two Somerset teams who played Devon today. Ben and Joe played for the first team and Neville ,William, Adrian ,Bob and Tim played in the second team. Keith played for Devon and drew, but they are working on that!!!. Joe had a good win and Ben a good draw against higher graded opponents; the first team won 9 - 7. The whole of the second team were outgraded by approx 20-30 points and not suprisingly lost 10.5- 5.5, but there were some very good games played. Bob, Tim and Neville played long and hard games but in the end lost, and Will played really well to draw. But Adrian played a blinder and beat a very strong player.


2/12. Sedgemore travelled to Ilminster without Roger who is still not fit to travel and did well to leave with a draw. Ben and Stan had good wins and solid draws from Will and Neville made it 3 - 3.


29/11. Sedgeless arrived in Glastonbury to find themselves facing a very strong side. Heavily outgraded on the top four boards, the onus was on the bottom boards to gain some points. Steve duly obliged with a win having confused his opponent by playing his Queen to G2 no less than 5 times in the first 20 moves! Bob won convincingly and has now won a record (for him) 3 games in a row! Joe was next to finish with a solid draw on board 2. At that point things looked good with the other games looking level. But gradually all three games seemed to slip away from Sedgeless and all were lost. 3.5-2.5


27+28/11. A strong contingent from Sedgemoor went to the Torbay congress. All played well but not quite well enough to bring back any major prizes. Bob (3½ points) and Tim (3) both had their moments during the w/e.Bob was especially pleased to win his games on Sunday as it is usually his rest day !! and Tim won a grading prize. William (3pts) held his own amongst the Intermediate players with some solid play. Joe (3½ pts) was very pleased with his two solid draws and two fine wins and has donated his Grading prize to his Dad's petrol fund!!! Ben's  first time playing in the Open went well (3pts) and his final round draw with a player graded at 219 must surely be a club record.


25/11. Wellington VP team visited Sedgemoor tonight and a tightly contested match ensued. Jamie played well in defeating a player ranked 20+ points above him. Stan stood worse for most of his game but his persistence paid of when his opponent lost concentration and gifted him the game at the end. Adrian's game was the complete opposite -he was winning all the way until the very end when he played his King to the wrong square giving the game to his opponent. Ted knows he should have won.


24/11. Sedgemoor were close to defeating Yeovil in the cup tonight but in the end lost by 4½-3½. Sedgemoor were outgraded on every board - the average difference was 15 points- but fought hard in each game. Chris and Steve played well and had slightly fortuitous wins, and Keith ,Neville and Adrian played really well for their draws.


8/11. Record number of players at the Sedgemoor club.

28 players attended the club last night, 24 of them playing in the Charles Marsh league.More entertained Wellington and Less hosted Chard+Ilminster.

Wins for Ben, Neville, Stan and a draw from Ian means More remain undefeated in the league.

Playing without Chris the normal board 1, Less lost again. 4-2.A good win for Steve, technically Keith won on time but sportingly asked for it to be recorded as a draw as it was a drawn position and did not affect the team result.


Tonight (8/11) Sedgemoor sent two teams to Glastonbury, the VPs to play Glastonbury and the HPs to meet Frome. Unfortunately only one player returned from the fray victorious. Well played Tim.

Both teams lost.


The keenly awaited Charles Marsh match between LESS and MORE took place this evening(Thurs).4/11

Pre match shenanigans included attempts by both captains to confuse their opponents. These attempts at subterfuge included dropping key players and arriving late, claiming to have been held up by a small firework display.

Despite the disruption to ones opening preparation caused by these endeavours  the match ended in a 3 - 3 draw. All of the  games were keenly contested and all six games ended decisively. The return match is already being eagerly anticipated.






Agm Thurs. May 3rd 7.30pm



Taunton deny Sedgemoor the Treble

Sedgemoor finish Second in the Charles Marsh League


When Sedgemoor lost to Glastonbury in their final match of the league a fortnight ago in the Henry Powell (1st) division they thought that was probably their last chance to win the shield that had eluded them since 1937.However they still entertained a slender hope that Yeovil might steal a point from Glastonbury which would leave Sedgemoor a point ahead.

And that is exactly what happened last night as a strong Glastonbury team entertained Yeovil but could only manage a draw.





When Sedgemoor arrived at the  Weston clubhouse it was apparent that there were some top Weston players missing. Weston were heavily outgraded on seven of the boards but the Weston players were not about to let that worry them. They fought like tigers and Sedgemoor were somewhat relieved to end up winners by 4½ -3½ points.

So congratulations to those players who have been trying to win the cup back for the last ten years, and congratulations to the younger players who have been instrumental in them doing so.


Last week Sedgemore played its final match of the season in Division One, against Glastonbury. A win or draw would have secured the League trophy for the first time since 1937 but unfortunately it was not to be. Sedgemore's top player was not able to appear due to work commitments. The team put up a strong fight but in the end lost by 4 games to 2.


Well, yet again its the end of February,  and yet again the winter weather has been kind and not disrupted the league programme.

Sedgemoor has continued its success in the Cup and reached the Final last week by beating Frome in a tense match. They now have to play Weston who won, despite being  outgraded,  against Trowbridge in their Semi-Final. The match takes place at Weston on the 22nd March. Spectators are of course welcome. There is a bar and a coffee machine depending on your preference.

After three years of competing in the Henry Powell (1st division) championship Sedgemore have finally realised that if they want to win it they must always  field  their strongest team. With one game to play Sedgemore will need to field their strongest team and play to the best of their ability if they are to gain the one point they need to win the first division title for the first time since 1937 !!

Sedgemoreorless are still amongst the leaders in the Charles Marsh league and harbour vague hopes of winning that too. But they are committed to giving everyone in the club the opportunity to play not just the best players.

The Vice Presidents league is still proving controversial with its new rules and despite the fact that they have been disqualified they are still pretty proud of their results so far.

And a big thank you to all those Sedgemoor players who have represented Somerset at County matches this year.




appy New Year to all their readers

As you can see from their happy faces they are having a pretty good season. Only one loss so far.

Unfortunately,however, other teams are doing better still!!

They are top in the Henry Powell, but only by dint of having played one more match.

There's a long way to go in the Charles Marsh - they've only played three matches.

They are doing well in the VP west division but have run into serious problems with the new rules about team selection. These have clearly not been thought through and have resulted in some bizarre anomalies. Strangely enough it is only their club which has seriously suffered from these changes. Sadly some of their team selections have been deemed unlawful, even though there were no alternatives available to the captain. So some of their results have been disqualified!!

Watch this space!This debate continues........

They are still in the CUP.




October has seen a good start to the season. The Henry Powell team has beaten Yeovil and Taunton in two tight matches. The Vice President's team had a victory against Taunton B and a draw with Weston A. The Charles Marsh team has yet to play, the reason being the visit to the club of Jovanka Houska WGM/IM on the 19th.

She played simultaneously against 16 members of the club. Chris and Steve were pleased to escape with draws ,the rest of them were humbled by the immense talent with which they were confronted.

It was a fun and enjoyable evening which hopefully will one day be repeated.

Many thanks to Arne Hagesaether whose photographs of the event captured the character of the club and its characters so well. See them by clicking this link to Jovanka's website.











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